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Goodness Gravel Mogo 20 July 2024

Bring your gravel or e-Gravel ... or ... if you don't have a gravel bike, do the loop on your MTB or e-MTB 

Saturday 20 July 2024 : 7:30am

130km with 3,000mThere is no hiding from that second number, 3,000m of ascent. This is not a ride where you will be averaging 30kph. This is a BIG Day!


75km with 1,595mEven though this is a ‘shorter’ course, there is STILL no hiding from that second number, 1,595m of ascent. Take your time and settle in to enjoy this course. It is similar to the full course but does not have the top circle of the figure eight. 


44km with 820m aka PiccoloWelcome to the Piccolo -- shorter than the other two loops BUT still a though course.

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