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Meet the Founders of BOWY Active Cycling Apparel

Meet Sarah and Allan your BOWY Active founders.

Allan & Sarah are both cycling enthusiasts living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We want to create a community of like-minded people who have a common love of cycling and fitness.

People often ask why BOWY? Although we would love to say there is some super cool story behind this, its simply Sarah's nickname! Sarah's Surname is Bowater and as we Aussies do, it was shortened to BOWY and became who she was known as.

We have created cycling clothing that can be worn out on the road, gravel or indoor trainer. We have taken on feedback from cyclists of all kinds that they would love to see a more modern, toned down cycling range. Which is how the BOWY Base cycling jerseys were born. We will continue to create limited release cycling jerseys and widen our base range in time.

We have also been creating custom cycling clothing for local QLD cycling groups, businesses and teams as well as sponsoring events across QLD and NSW. We are working hard to create something that is an all round go to for the cycling community.

We hope you come along on our journey and would love to hear from you with any feedback or ideas.

Sarah and Allan

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